Welcome to Wick Bespoke Candles

Hand poured in Fishbourne, West Sussex


Hi, my name is Jo and I am the owner of Wick Bespoke Candles. Having worked for Virgin Atlantic as Long Haul Cabin Crew for 25 yrs, I sadly had my wings clipped due to the Covid pandemic. I feel it's now my time to embark on a passion of mine, making a bespoke range of candles and diffusers. I love fragrance, I always have, so allow me to fill your homes with my collection. And with Wickings being my surname, how could I not use that in some way?!

After travelling the world, learning to appreciate the finer things & developing an eye for detail, I have created a small range of candles & diffusers that I am hoping you'll love as much as I do. Thank you for now being part of my journey.......Jo x